What You Need to Know About Fast-Charging EV Chargers for Home Use

With the growing adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), there’s a sudden interest among homeowners in equipping their homes with EV chargers. The standard chargers, while reliable, often take a considerable amount of time, usually between 8-12 hours, to fully charge an EV. Enter the fast-charging EV chargers, which are rapidly gaining traction for their unparalleled speed and convenience. Imagine the luxury of coming home from work, plugging in your EV, and finding it fully charged in just a matter of hours. With fast-charging, this isn’t a distant dream but a tangible reality. While there are several fast-charging options to consider, including Level 2 and DC fast chargers, the ideal choice hinges on multiple factors: your vehicle’s make and model, daily driving habits, and your home’s existing electrical setup.
Navigating these choices can be a tad overwhelming. However, SAC Town Electric in Sacramento is here to guide you every step of the way. With vast experience in the electrical domain, we’re proficient at assisting homeowners in identifying and installing the perfect EV charger tailored to their unique needs.

Leverage the SMUD Rebate and Save Big

One significant advantage for Sacramento residents pondering the switch to EVs and the installation of home chargers is the SMUD Rebate. This program offers substantial rebates to homeowners who take the plunge and install EV chargers, making it a cost-effective endeavor.
What sets SAC Town Electric apart is our deep familiarity with the SMUD Rebate program. Our dedicated team will not only guide you through the maze of charger selection but will also stand by you throughout the rebate application process, ensuring you garner maximum savings.

Why SAC Town Electric Should Be Your Go-To for EV Charger Installation?

Expertise: Armed with seasoned electricians, we’re updated on the most recent EV charger technologies and understand the requirements of diverse electric vehicles.

Affordability: With the potential savings from the SMUD Rebate and our competitive pricing, the notion of installing a fast-charging EV charger at home becomes even more appealing.

Trustworthiness: Having served the Sacramento community for years, we’ve cemented our reputation on the pillars of trust, exemplary work, and unwavering customer satisfaction.

Comprehensive Service: Our services span the entire spectrum – from initial consultation and product selection to meticulous installation and hands-on assistance with rebate applications.

Final Thoughts

The transition to electric vehicles represents more than an eco-conscious decision—it signifies stepping into the future. With perks like rapid home charging, coupled with enticing rebates and substantial savings, now is the opportune moment to embrace this shift. Rely on SAC Town Electric to illuminate your journey towards a sustainable, convenient, and cost-saving driving experience in Sacramento.

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